Connect to everyone through OpenEDI™ - Web based or with full EDI integration with your back office systems EDI couldn’t be easier!  You can use OpenEDI™ with all your trading partners large & small. No software or EDI knowledge required for either web based or integrated services. OpenEDI™ is Software as a Service from Transalis Ltd, C/O Blakelaw Secretaries Limited, New Kings Court, Tollgate, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 3LG.


OpenEDI™ web based EDI connects suppliers to customers quickly & easily - No software or EDI knowledge required. It allows any business no matter how large or small, to trade electronically with any other, anywhere in the world through latest web technology. With OpenEDI™ you can easily receive and send Orders, Order Amendments, Order Acknowlegements, Advance Shipping Notes, Delivery Notes, Remittance Notes, Invoices, Sales & Inventory Reports and any other EDI documents. OpenEDI™ is easy to set-up, easy to use, practical, affordable and allows you to trade electronically from any PC for multiple users with 24/7 support. 

Integrated EDI

OpenEDI™ offers seamless EDI Integration - Integrates with any back-office, ERP, EPOS, Retail, Manufacturing & Accounts systems. Removes the need for outdated EDI software. OpenEDI™ allows you to integrate multiple EDI documents and standards between multiple networks, systems and trading partners.

Hub Services

OpenEDI™ provides total supply chain EDI enablement - Previously retailers had the complex problem of dealing with suppliers and buyers by handling orders and invoices etc by phone, fax, email, post and EDI. Now with OpenEDI™ any retailer need only deal with one method of communication in order to reach their whole supply chain by EDI.

VAN Services

Reduce VAN costs with a single anyone-to-anyone OpenEDI™ 'Data Link' connection  - VAN, AS2, FTP, HTTPS, SMTP, BDX, etc. Previously when using VANs not all suppliers are reached directly through the same VAN and complexity and costs are quickly accrued. Now OpenEDI™ simplifies the process as all suppliers can connect easily to the retailer via OpenEDI™ and there are NO traffic charges to the retailer.

EDI Enable All Your Trading Partners

Connect to everyone through OpenEDI™ - You can extend the service to include all your trading partners and replace outdated EDI software with a latest technolgy anyone-to-anyone solution that is easier and more cost-effective. You can do this with both the web based and integrated services.